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VSL Event Hire     Tel: 01706 870088Mob: 07774 876525Email: hire@vsleventhire.co.uk

Retro dance floor hire information

Retro Dance Floor Technical Information


Each tile is 600mm square and the height is105mm just over 4 inches with a fully controllable colour changing radius edge round the perimeter of the floor to help eliminate tripping when stepping on and off. These tiles can be put together in various formats for different types of event. They can be used as a catwalk, a stage for a product launch and will even take the weight of a car or light commercial for a new vehicle launch. Power required is 1 x 13amp socket.
The tiles have red, green & blue led’s which are controlled separately so that any colour in the spectrum can be achieved and each panel is dimmable. Every panel can be controlled separately so any design of pattern sequence and colour shade is an option. There is a 600mm Black Perspex installed on one full edge of the floor which covers the driver boxes for the tiles which adds to the overall size of the floor and is a danceable area, control is via a computer based program which is operated from a laptop or replay device. Should you require a custom program it is not a problem, just let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to oblige. 


What do you get ?


Our standard packages include installation and removal after the event with free delivery within a 50 mile of our base on floors of 50 tiles or more with a pre installation site visit where possible. 
5 Million Pound Public liability insurance.
If you require a technician to stay with or operate the floor this is at extra cost

Terms & Conditions of hire


There should be reasonable access to the venue and installation point.
We require a minimum of 3 hours for access and installation (based on a 16ft x 16ft square floor subject to a straight forward installation and dependant on the floor size being installed).
A flat level and suitable surface to install the tiles on is a must in order to ensure the safety of the guests and especially if the install is in a marquee.


Health & Safety




Spilled drinks on the acrylic surface will make the floor very slippery and therefore a slip hazard to guests.




These floors are not designed for dancing on in bare feet as there may be sharp proud edges to tiles where the floor is on a slightly uneven surface even though every measure is taken to avoid this condition.


VSL Event Hire will not accept any liability for any injury caused if these basic rules are not observed and It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure these simple safety measures are enforced


These tiles are totally low voltage under foot for added client and guest safety unlike some floors that are 240volt operation

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