VSL Event Hire Tel: 01706 870088 Mob: 07774 876525 Email: hire@vsleventhire.co.uk
VSL Event Hire     Tel: 01706 870088Mob: 07774 876525Email: hire@vsleventhire.co.uk

Retro Disco Lighting Effects

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Do you remember seeing these spinning pin spot effects in the discotheques during the late 70's and early 80's ? Well now they have been revampt with modern LED technology but the effects are just the same and as brilliant as ever, perfect to compliment our Retro Dance Floor and sure to bring back memories of one of the best era's of dance music ever.

The Showtec Astro Pro XL is a moving light effect created by a bi-rotating dish with 8 beams.


Equipped with 8 pcs of 12w RGBW LED's, 3 degree optics and full pixel control this light effect creates endless new movements and colour flows.











The Showtec Galaxy 360 brings back old times with the advantage of new technologies. It is a moving head with a continuous rotating ball which contains 12 narrow full color beams. It brings back the par 36 move effect but with the added advantage of full color and pixel control.
The Showtec Galaxy 360 is ideal for vintage retro or disco events and will give an extra dimension to your event.




Chauvet Rotosphere Q3 Mirror Ball Simulator


This brilliant effect from Chauvet does everything a traditional mirror ball does and more,with high power quad-colour LED's the Rotosphere Q3 produces pencil beams of light in Red, Green, Blue or White single colour or multicolour and variable rotation speed,

A must effect for any Disco party 



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